Super-slim & flexible

Super-slim & flexible
NSLS085 laptop stand

Be mobile, stay ergonomic

Flex working and being mobile has become a common thing in today’s society. Many people prefer using a laptop over a PC, for obvious reasons. Although a laptop is a great way to be mobile and work flexibly, there also is a downside to this portable device.

Because of the shape and size of laptops, the screen is always positioned much too low to be able to work ergonomically and without neck and back pain. This is not so surprising, if you realise that the head of an adult weighs around 5-7 kg. When working on a laptop, the user often leans forward – about 35° – to see the screen better, increasing the weight on neck, back and shoulders to 20 kg. No wonder laptop-users often suffer from neck and back complaints!

A laptop stand really is a solution for to those who prefer to be mobile and work on their laptop; the stand positions the laptop at the users eye-height, creating a better and more ergonomic work position.

The new NSLS085 laptop stands are the perfect solution to stay mobile, whilst also working ergonomically. The laptop stands have a super-slim foldable design and are therefore easy to take with you, wherever you want.







The NSLS085-models are universal stands for laptops from 10” up to 17”, with a maximum weight capacity of 10 kg. The stands are adjustable in 6 different height positions, to create the perfect height for every user. The models are made of light-weight aluminium and come in three modern colours, to match your laptop. The open design ensures good ventilation of the laptop and the anti-skid silicon pads and safety ledge stopper ensure solid positioning.

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